Friday, October 18, 2013

Alzheimer's and BasicH2

I was recently told about a "home remedy" that really took me by surprise. Coconut oil can be used as a treatment for Alzheimer's.
coconutMy friend Lloyd had gone through a long battle with his father's Alzheimer's before we knew as much as we know about it now. It is a tragic story about how no matter what treatments were given it seemed like a losing battle. Now that we live in an information age, it's easier to learn about alternative medicines and treatments. Lloyd was told about coconut oil as an alternative treatment, and since then him and his wife have been cooking with it to try and use it as a preventative measure.
basicHWhere my thoughts on the whole thing came from was from a highly disputed article I read some time ago from the medical journal Evolution, Medicine and Public Health. This lay summary of this article states:
Lay summary: People living in sanitized environments may be at greater Alzheimer’s
risk. We compare Alzheimer’s rates in different countries in light of countries’ historical
and contemporary pathogen prevalence, sanitation, and urbanization. We find that
countries that are less urbanized, with more pathogens and lower degree of sanitation
have lower Alzheimer’s rates.
My opinion on this wasn't that clean people are more susceptible to Alzheimer's, it was that I immediately thought of the air quality issue. Clean people use more household cleaners, plus being in a more urban area there is more commercial and industrial pollution.
So what is the best way to combat this? In my opinion the best way you can help the quality of life in your own home is to use a natural cleaner. Shaklee's Basic H2 is all natural. It's non toxic. It's made out of (the above mentioned) coconut...
Wouldn't you rather be breathing in something all natural than all of the chemicals in every store bought cleaner?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Healthy Clean and Green Update

We have a bunch of new ideas that we are working on, and we wanted to reach out to you because you may have done the old version of the Health Quiz.  We are looking to grow our business in a fun way so we came up with some new ideas to keep it fresh.

The first thing we are doing is to completely redesign the Health Quiz, on the website, and via the Android app.  Once released, it will give you real-time results and suggestions to better yourself, right from the app.  Of course we will monitor these closely and be able to answer any questions you may have.  Simplicity is one of the things that we strive for, and the old system was far from that!

The other big announcement that we wanted to share is that we are working on a podcast, to promote both the Quiz and the products.  We are also looking for some people that would be wiling to share their story with us, and be a featured guest on the upcoming podcast series. If you are interested, call my voicemail number -
(612) 568-7812 - and leave a message. If you are chosen we will either call you and set up a time to interview you for the podcast, or (if it is an easy question) we may play your message and answer it "on the air".  When the program goes live we will send you a message to tune in!

If you have any questions about your Quiz results, being on the podcast, or even if you are looking for some extra income, send me an email (charlie -at-, or call my voicemail number:
(612) 568-7812

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Shaklee Basic H2 Coupon

I can cash in this coupon for whomever is interested... (is that proper use of the word whomever, or is it whoever? I never know...) This is what sold me on Shaklee in the first place...